Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok, I feel better now. Just arggghhhhhhing about all the new stuff I have to learn. Bonanzle, link referral, google base, the new ebay stuff, multiply.com, facebook, and on and on. I get in these new areas and I am like a blind person, stumbling around, trying to figure out what I am doing. The bad thing is, that I get side-tracked, sucked into things I don't need to be doing....like GAMES, or signing up to get email notifications of blogs that I am not that interested in reading, and I don't exactly know how I signed up for them, but suddenly my email is FILLED with emails for every posting anyone does and I don't know how to stop them! AND, I am getting all these friend requests, from people I don't even know, but they act like they know me! It is weird. How do they know me? Did they read my ebay blogs and just never comment? Or are they neighbors peering thru my open curtains? I am afraid to turn down the friend requests. It might just be someone I was best friends with in some other life. It MIGHT be that lady I lent a $100 to and she suddenly has had an attack of conscience and wants to pay me back, with INTEREST. It could be my sister's best friend's brother's wife's cousin twice removed and she needs a bone marrow donor and somehow she just knows I can help her. Or it could be that person that will let me move up to the next level in Mafia Wars if they sign up as a friend and join my mafia! I don't know, so of course I accept their friendship. Then, I have a gazillion MORE emails, that I haven't got the time to read, but feel really guilty about just deleting. So I save all that email for some day when I have time to open them. No wonder I never get my own blogs written.
Today Hubby and I went to our grand-daughter's school for lunch. It was actually pretty good. Turkey pastrami sandwiches, french fries, salad (with the BEST dressing, I need that receipe), cookies, grape juice and a banana. Her school did a fund raiser the past two weeks, inviting friends and family for lunch with the kids. U'iLani was thrilled that we came, her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw us sitting at the guest tables with our trays. We got to go thru the line early and just wait for the kids to come after getting our food. This was my second lunch with her, I went last week too. Her mom took off work on Friday to go too. We got to hear knock knock jokes and talk about what she did at recess........according to U'i, all the kids were robbing her, and ganging up on her and she had to outrun EVERYONE and she won! I still am not sure what that was all about, as I could not hear half of what she said with all the other kids talking around us. It was fun, but very LOUD. It was an almost painless way to raise extra money for books, and computers, etc. as they just charged $4.50 for each adult lunch, we could have spent more than that at McDonald's and not as nutritious.
Well, I'm off to get some dinner ready and watch the sunset. In Hawaii the sun sets around 6:30 - 7:00 pm year round. We usually eat dinner outside and enjoy the onset of dusk. Have a good night! I know I will.