Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ok, while hubby is "busy on the bedpan" I'm gonna blog...hehe

Its been awhile since I actually sat down and wrote anything. The past months have been busy, busy and this past week we've been sick at our house. The dreaded flu, the kind where you sit on the toilet and stuff is coming out both ends so you have to hold a bucket to puke in at the same time. YUCKKK!
I've recently re-opened my ebay store after a two year hiatus. I have a ton of stuff to sell and am going to be listing stuff daily. If you want to check it out, remember it is in the construction stage. YAYE!
News on the homefront: Boddhi turned 35 on Monday, May 3! My baby boy. He is living in Convington, KY and his daughter Maya will be joining him on May 20 for at least the summer if not permanently. YAYE!
Jeremy and Hannah and Micah will be arriving in Hawaii on May 25th for a month long stay. YAYE! Can't wait to see number 1 son and wife and only (so far) grandson! YAYE!
Rachel is doing well, but looking for another job. If you are interested in hiring her she has an MBA. Meanwhile, she goes to work every day at a job site that she hates. I feel for her but am glad that at least she HAS a job as her employer just laid off hundreds if not thousands of people. She was lucky not to be included in that number. YAYE!
U'iLani, the grand daughter who lives next door, will turn 7 on the 7th of this month! YAYE! Where has the time gone, she is growing way TOO fast! Heck she is almost as tall as I am already. As always she continues to amaze us with her many talents. She is a blue belt in Karate now, she did miss a huge karate meet on Sunday due to puking her guts out all Saturday night. That was a disappointment for her as it was to be her debut in team kata, which was the debut of her dojo's first team also. So sad she missed that as she worked so hard for that event. Oh, well, there is always next time. Meanwhile, she is still excelling in school, now reading at 5th grade level in the first grade! YAYE!!!
David...the doing well. He now volunteers 3 days a week at the army museum here in Honolulu at Fort DeRussey. YAYE! He is meeting tons of old farts who are now on his emailing list and all of them are busy sending out jokes to each other. Actually this new outlet has been a literal life saver for David, it is the first time in years that he has not been wallowing in depression, but has a new lease on life. DOUBLE YAYE!! I'm so happy that he is doing this. Who would have thought that someone in a wheelchair, with multiple health problems could be volunteer security to a museum! YAYE. Fun to hear him come home and tell us how he met Colonel so and so or General so and so and now they are on his email list! Plus all the tourist visitors he has met from all over the world. Several have sent him police and firemen patches and other memorabilia after finding out that he collects these things. Very cool. YAYE!!!
Now, about me. I've been paddling with the outrigger canoe club. Usually 2 or 3 times a week. It is way fun. But hard! I'm sore...but happy. Meeting new friends and getting out on the water. YAYE! I've also been discovering old friends thru facebook! Even finding family members that I had lost track of! YAYE. Last week when Uncle Chuck passed away, my mom found 2 cousins that she had not talked to in over 50 years. I talked to friends I had not talked to in 20+ years. Yesterday I found 2 other cousins that our family had lost track of over the years. These two cousins didn't even know about the 5 kids my parents had, they only knew that somewhere they had an Uncle Jack they had never met. I am actually the only one in the family who had ever met these two, I saw them once when I was 15 and they were 5 and 2. Anyway, due to facebook and the internet, our family is slowly getting reconnected. YAYE!!!
Today, I talked to an ebay blogger friend that I've "known" for over 3 years. This was our first phone conversation. YAYE! The fact that we had never talked was my fault, she gave me her number years ago. I've just never been one to like talking on the phone. This past year I've changed that. I decided that I should overcome my phone phobia and TALK to people, get that real connection..if not in person, at least over the phone. It was cool to hear her voice. To hear her kids in the background. To feel connected even more than I have. YAYE!
Ok, the bedpan is ready to be emptied and I have actually had time to blog. YAYE!!!