Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the road again.....because I'm homeless in Hawaii!

It is not really as bad as I've titled it, though it is true at the moment.  

Amazingly, that very morning, Dec. 1st, my best friend Barb had called and said she was going to send me a ticket to visit her in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  She said I could leave the very next day, but I told her to wait until Dec. 3rd so I could tie up some loose ends.  So I spent that morning packing my suitcase, then started to walk to school to pick U'i up.  That is when the landlady called and said we needed to move out that day! 

I thought she meant my own apartment next door which had been vacated the week before and I reminded her I had already turned in the keys.  She told me no, the one rented was the one that we were all living in!  Ok, inside I was panicking as Rachel was at work and how the heck was I going to get us moved out that day, Rachel had LOTS of stuff left in her apartment. 

I continued my walk up to the school and Rachel called.  I asked if the landlady had called her too.  Rachel hadn't heard from her, but she had good news.  Before telling her the news I had, I wanted to hear her news.  The good news was that there was real progress on the house we are moving to on the Big Island.  More than likely it would close escrow before Christmas!  WOOHOO.  Then I told Rach about the call from the landlady.

Rachel said she would take off work and be right home!   Then the landlady called back.  This all took place on a half block walk to get U'i from school.  The landlady said that she had talked to the new renter and we could have until Friday morning at 8am to vacate.  This was good news.  It was currently 1:20pm on Wednesday.  There was no way we would have been able to get out THAT day!

So the scramble, we packed, we cleaned, we didn't sleep and we were out of Rachel's apartment by 8am Friday.  Rachel and U'i moved in with my sister, where they will stay until the house is done.  I got on a plane on Friday and am in Las Cruces, New Mexico until Jan. 1st.  I will go from here to Colorado Springs that day and stay until who knows when so I can see my ready- to- be- born -any- day -grandchild and my son Jeremy, his wife Hannah, my grandson Micah. 

 Meanwhile, my parents who have been wintering in California are going to leave CA on Jan.3rd so they can see me in Colorado and my son Jason is going to try to make it there from Kentucky.  I have a cousin and her new husband  from Indiana who are going to go skiing while I am there so it will be a mini family reunion. 

 Not sure when I'm going back to Hawaii, but HOPEFULLY Rachel will be all moved into the new house and the next chapter in my life will begin.  The chapter where I have to get  a job after not working for 12 years!  That should be interesting...stay tuned.....