Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ok, gonna try this again.

I deleted all my previous blog posts, they were way too whiney. Reminder to self, don't post when you are having a pity party or depressed. LOL.

Today we are going to visit a state park after U'i Lani gets home from school. It should be fun to hike around and visit the marina right next to the park. U'i is the only one who has been here, she went last year with her pre-school for a field trip. She is really excited to be showing the park off to us and afterwards we are going to the mall for dinner and maybe a movie. She loves riding the Handivan and is getting to know the local drivers very well. I think the attraction of the Handivan is that she sits up high and can see better than in a car or on the city bus. School gets out early on Wednesdays so going on a little field trip of our own is going to be our new tradition. This gives Rachel a chance to come home to the house by herself and unwind after work. She says she will meet us at the mall later. The mall is within walking distance of home, so we will walk back afterwards. Here's hoping for a GREAT DAY.

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaa, I hope you post pictures. I really like your waterfall. No more dragonflies here, seems the chill has forced them to migrate.

    Many hugs, much love & prayers
    dancing through


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