Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wow, amazing how time can get away from you

I had a plan. I would post on a regular basis. I was thinking daily. I just noticed that in all actuality, I am posting on a yearly basis. That's what happens when a person has more things to do than they have hours in a day. Story of my life.

I did post on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately after writing my whole post, it somehow got lost in the Bermuda Triangle of Cyberspace. It was disheartening. I had written alot, even had pictures on it. I just didn't feel like doing it over. So, here it is February of the New Year, and I am finally getting around to posting. Good thing that blogging on a regular basis was not on my list of resolutions.

I have a house full of company. Friends from Switzerland. It has been fun. They leave next week. The house will seem empty without Raymond and Bernadette here. They will have been with us for a full month on Wednesday.

Marilyn, my upstairs neighbor from San Diego arrives on February 19th. She will be bringing our two cats, Mini and Munchkin with her. I don't know which I am more excited to see, Marilyn or the cats!

This next is a reminder to myself.........find the superpowers within yourself.......from an article I read while waiting in a doctor's office. Do you think it is bad karma that I stole that magazine? I'll bring it back on the follow-up visit.

Ok, time to start dinner after we feed the chickens.


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  1. Kat, Check your drafts. Your long post may still be there. I am happy to see you again my friend. ~:>


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