Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 WAS great in many ways. 2009 WILL be fine.

This has been a year of changes. Most of them really good. Our goal to move to Hawaii was realized. It makes my heart happy to be here. The beauty takes my breath away at times. I actually did not know how much I missed this land until I came back in April. The very smell of the air, the taste of the water, the blue of the sky and the many colors of the ocean, were things that I was aching to experience again.
Now we are here. We have family here. We have friends here. It is good, very good. Sure, things can be better, and things WILL be better. But, all in all, 2008 was a great year for me.
Rachel and U'i Lani live next door. They got to move into the empty duplex next to us at the beginning of December. This has been wonderful, giving all 4 of us much more room, but still letting us be close. Of course the bills are more. I am trusting that there will be more income. I can feel it will happen.
I'm surprised beyond belief that Jason is doing as well as he is. We had hopes that he would be in a drug testing program but that hasn't panned out. It is OK. He is OK. He is holding his own, fighting for his life and still having a good time. Today he is in Colorado Springs, enjoying our Maya. In two weeks he will go back to Kentucky. I believe he made 4 trips there in 2008. That is amazing in itself. He made a trip to San Diego, was there the week before we came to Hawaii. He made two trips to Seattle. His art is becoming more and more amazing. Both tattoo work and his other art. His writing is actually becoming famous on myspace and some other sites. He continues to make his mark. I know that is why he is still here, he has much unfinished business. I hope his unfinished business keeps him here for many more years. But I am grateful for the time we have had. I want to see him in 2009. That is my big hope for the coming year.
Jeremy and Hannah came to see us in June. They brought Micah, my first grandson. What a sweetie. He is never without a smile. Happy, happy. A joy to be around. He came just before his first birthday. Walking and talking already. We had so much fun. They went home too soon. We got lucky, because Hannah and Micah came back in November and spent two weeks. He had grown so much. Is a little person at 17 months. Wonderful sense of humor, even in a child that young. We spent two weeks laughing with him.
On the down side....David is not doing well. He is weaker and weaker. More and more dependent. It is sad. I see signs of either Alzhiemers or Dementia. At only 67, that is too young. The doctors say that is not that unusual in someone with post-polio.
Things we are looking forward to in 2009......Bernadette and Raymond will visit for the month in February. YAYE!!! Marilyn is coming for two weeks in March, bringing our cats! DOUBLE YAYE! We are looking forward to being a complete family again once Munchkin and Minnie are back with us. My hope is that 2009 will be a happy and healthy and FINE year for all of us. 2009, all will be fine. That is our motto.
Happy New Year to those of you who may happen upon this post.

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