Monday, June 1, 2009

What Happens in Waikiki, Stays in Waikiki

Well.....I had a wonderful weekend in Waikiki allll by my lonesome. It was so cool. I wandered the streets at night, I ate steak and shrimp. I lounged in bed with books. I sat at the beach and watched the waves. I went from club to club listening to various types of live music. I flirted. I took lots and lots of showers with super high powered water pressure. I ate breakfast on the beach. I got tanner. I RELAXED. I didn't do a single thing for anybody, just MYSELF. This really was the best birthday present ever. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. I LOVED IT!
Now, the best thing is.......something happened to me at the hotel. There was a short in my bedside lamp. I got shocked. Not a little shock, but the kind that knocks you off the bed. So, I reported this to the front desk. They told me they would send up maintenance. The lamp was replaced. The maintenance guy got shocked turning off the lamp and unplugging it. He told me to write this incident up on one of those little cards that you fill out to say how your stay was. My stay was wonderful and I was very pleased with how quick they came and replaced the lamp. I said all that on the card. Today I got an email from the management of the hotel/resort I stayed in. They told me to contact them because they would like to ACCOMODATE me on my next trip. So, I am going to get another hotel stay. I will get a room that is wheelchair accessible. David and I will have a little mini honeymoon. Too cool, huh?

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  1. OOOOOOOH that sounds so lovely. I am glad you recharged your batteries. Much love, no dragonflies here but, we got some rain. Feathers crossed for more.......


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