Friday, October 30, 2009

Went to the ebay blogs, and they are gone, but I thought they were there until AFTER Oct. 31

I just went to the ebay blogs and they are gone already. I didn't get a chance to finish saying goodbye or finish reading my favorite bloggers. The end of a nice era. I'm thankful for the time I had there. The friends I actually made. There were good times and bad, but I have actual friends that I would never have had without the ebay blogs. Lots of good people who have stood by me and laughed and cried with me over good times and sad times. Thanks ebay for what you gave. Sorry that you took them away, but I'm still grateful for what I had.


  1. Kat, I did make it back and reviewed some the past posts, and I did save THE PARTY that was had there! I also saved some of Kate's "as the world turns" series. An amazing era that will never happen the same again! Multiply just isn't the same, neither is facebook. Glad I was there for some of it, and am also thankful for those I met there and continue to keep in contact with. Oh, sorry Boise came over and clobbered Hawaii!! NOT!! LOL

  2. Hey Cellman! I'm glad to see you, even if you are coming to my blog and talking trash. Heehee. Yeah, the ebay blogs were an era, don't think we will ever see something quite like that again. Some of my current best friends were found there. I'm glad for that.


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