Thursday, February 11, 2010

Children---never know what they are going to say

A few weeks ago my grand daughter U'iLani, got stung by a Portugese Man of War jelly fish. It was very traumatic and she screamed and cried for nearly half an hour. These jelly fish have a long string like tentacle which will wrap itself around you and that is the part that stings. Now this sting HURTS, feels almost like you are getting shocked and where it touches will sting and swell. U'i got the tentacle wrapped around her side and when she tried to brush it off it wrapped around her hand. She was out splashing in the waves and we were sitting on shore watching her when she screamed. Some guy sitting by us jumped up and dove in and brought her back to shore before we even knew what happened. He got stung too. What a hero! Big, good looking Hawaiian guy. He used to be a life guard so he was fast and knew just what had happened. He told us the pitch of the scream is what lets them know that it is a Portugese Man of War sting. I have been stung too, so I know how bad it hurts, but I'm sure it hurts much worse on a little kid.

Ok, that was a couple of weeks ago. Now U'i has determined that she will never swim at that beach again. We have to find another beach for her. This is sad, because Kailua Beach is our favorite. If you saw any news footage of President Obama's Christmas vacation, that is the beach he was at.

Yesterday we were in the car and out of the blue, U'i told us she had an idea for a secret weapon in case anyone tries to steal her. She wants to catch a Portugese Man of War and keep it in a sippy cup. When someone tries to kidnap her, she will open the lid and throw the Portugese Man of War on the bad guy. Or she could make a spear, and wrap a Portugese Man of War on the tip and throw it at any bad guys.


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