Thursday, November 27, 2008

Found a NEW website for selling. Ebay Alternative

I'm super excited about this new website called Bonanzle. I opened an account last night and have been checking it out all day today, between cooking and eating our turkey with all the fixings. My booth name (like an ebay store, but better) is Fromhawaii2you.

The #1 cool thing about the site is that it costs NOTHING to list. You only pay if you sell something. And you pay alot less than you do on Ebay. So, for now, I am going to try to list on there and see what happens. It is new, but growing every day. It has online chat for each booth, which is kinda like the ebay blogs, with real time chatting. Interesting and fun. I'm putting in a link, I hope it takes you to the site, but I'm new at doing that. If you click on my items on the right hand side of my blog, it takes you right to that site. HAPPY DAY.


Click here: Bonanzle

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