Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheese and Crackers

David had a cat named Zeus.   Lovely orange tabby that lived to be 23 years old.   Zeus was a very talkative cat, probably part siamese.  He would ask for his food,  talk to us when he was happy, sad or just felt like talking. 

David and Zeus shared a common love....cheese...of any variety.   Early in our marriage David got in the habit of wanting something to eat after we made love.  First it was cookies and milk but later on it became crackers and cheese.   Lucky Zeus, he would get a little piece of cheese whenever David had some.  

One night after a very pleasant lovemaking session,   I could not figure out why Zeus was sitting at the foot of our bed....talking....and then talking LOUDER.  He would not stop making noise.   Then David and I realized that Zeus was asking for CHEESE.   Sadly that night we did not have any cheese and crackers. 

I can assure you that for the remaining years of our marriage, there was always cheese and crackers around.  Zeus was happy and David and I began to ask each other if we felt like having some cheese and crackers....heeheee.


  1. Awe what a lovely post. I will never look at cheese and crackers the same. I wonder if Zeus needed a lady Kat as well. :O)

  2. Kat, that made me smile...though I'm not certain how I will regard cheese and crackers in the future! LOL... I mean, what exactly am I supposed to say if someone offers me cheese and crackers????? OMG, what if I have been inadvertently sending out "signals" when I offered others, cheese and crackers... so much to worry about and now THIS! LOL

  3. All of our friends and family know about the mixed signals of cheese and crackers, so you are joining an elite group, Judy. You're in the KNOW, now!

  4. Glad you liked it Mal. So, does Gil get cheese and crackers soon?

  5. I am your latest follower having stuimbled across your great blog. I really liked this post. I shall smile tomorrow when I get the cheese out.
    Kindest regards.
    Carol from


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