Thursday, November 4, 2010

He didn't read the fine print.......

More bad news today. There is no life insurance money. David never read the fine print that gave him 120 days to convert his life insurance at work to a personal policy when he retired. He went to his grave thinking he had left me with life insurance and there is none.
Pulling up my bootstraps....starting over from zero....the good news is that I only have to wait 5 1/2 years to be 60 and collect his Social Security. I will get more from that than he did as I get to collect on my first husband's SS too, since we were married more than 10 years. Meanwhile, I've got that whopping $255 check for funeral expenses coming from SS.
Remembering Uncle Chuck's words...."What happens in life can make you either bitter or better." I'm going to opt for the better, gotta keep reminding myself. I did hit the "anger" stage of the grieving process today, I will admit.


  1. Oh, Kat....

    I am so sorry. I know, I know he thought he had provided for you! That just really, really stinks.

    I know you will make it the better choice, though!

  2. I have been in worse circumstances, at least I have a place to live with Rachel. It was rather shocking though to hear that today. I made myself not ask how much I would have gotten though....LOL.

  3. Well, yes, it is WONDERFUL that Rachel is there and that you will be able to help each other. And, yeah, I understand not even asking what would have been, if it had been...

  4. One thing occurs to me, Kat. Where I work, when preparing for retirement, we have to specify whether we will elect to take our retirement over the course of our own lifetime, or that of ours and our spouses. I don't recall the exact terminology, but that's what it means. We will take a reduced monthly amount, with the "survivorship" option, but our surviving spouse will be able to continue to draw after our death. Have you checked to determine whether this is the same for David's retirement? (not referring to SS here).

  5. Thanks Judy, he had those options too. Of course he opted to take it over the course of his own lifetime. Got that last check Nov.1, on Nov.3 they took it back. Good thing I hadn't spent it yet,or I would owe them!


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