Monday, November 8, 2010

"Nana, you can't watch Toy Story 3"

 "Toy story 3 is a very bad movie", U'ilani informed us.
"Ok, U'i why is Toy Story 3 a bad movie?"  I replied.   "They say swear words in it", U'i answered.  Rachel and I looked at each in confusion.  What kind of swear words would be in a movie rated G. 
I was curious, I had to know.  "U'i what swear words did they say in that movie?".
U'i whispered her answer,  "They said the "a" word."

Now I was really confused...."The "A" word?".
"Yeah, they said A blank cot."
Rachel and I were still confounded...a cot.....omg....ascot!

We are still laughing.  Good to know our 7 year old is protecting the world from horrible swear words!

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